Hole-by-Hole Course Tour

Hole 1 Par 5
14 Handicap
Black 523 Yds
Blue 500 Yds
White 469 Yds
Yellow 407 Yds
Red 286 Yds

Looks can be deceiving on this reachable par 5. The tee shot must carry a marsh to reach the fairway and can look a long ways away. Don’t be afraid, a conservative 160 yard tee shot from the white tees will carry the wetland with ease.

The second shot yields another but open land all the way to the green. The green has some undulation and some size but is a legitimate birdie opportunity.

Hole 2 Par 4
6 Handicap
Black 363 Yds
Blue 347 Yds
White 314 Yds
Yellow 308 Yds
Red 297 Yds

A short par 4 with a pond on the right side and further down the fairway the left side. To keep away from the water, a long iron or fairway wood is the best option off the tee.

The approach is to an elevated green that is shaped like a figure eight. Don’t go long as the green slopes away and drops down towards the trees. A par is a very good score on this hole.

Hole 3 Par 3
10 Handicap
Black 206 Yds
Blue 187 Yds
White 165 Yds
Yellow 116 Yds
Red 110 Yds 

The Rock Wall. A picturesque par 3 that can leave you wondering what just happened when the hole is finished. The green sits atop a hill that is fronted with a wall of rocks. Anywhere on the green is a great shot and being short is not an option.

Take an extra club as it is an uphill shot and you don’t want to be short. The left side can knock the ball towards the green and going long are best places to miss the green.

Hole 4 Par 4
4 Handicap
Black 462 Yds
Blue 440 Yds
White 415 Yds
Yellow 391 Yds
Red 319 Yds

This is the longest par 4 on the course. Two good shots will be needed to hit the green in regulation.

A bunker guards the left front side of this undulating green. The center of the green is the best option.










Hole 4 Par 4


Black462 Yds4 Handicap

Blue440 Yds4 Handicap

White415 Yds4 Handicap

Yellow391 Yds4 Handicap

Red319 Yds4 Handicap

This is the longest par 4 on the course. Two good shots will be needed to hit the green in regulation.

A bunker guards the left front side of this undulating green. The center of the green is the best option.

Hole 5 Par 5


Black556 Yds12 Handicap

Blue539 Yds12 Handicap

White465 Yds12 Handicap

Yellow385 Yds12Handicap

Red380 Yds12 Handicap

A great dogleg right par 5 with a rolling fairway that ascents up to the green. Stick to the fairway off the tee, there is no advantage on the right side.

The green slopes from back to front and it is ideal to be below the hole.

Hole 6 Par 3


Black214 Yds16 Handicap

Blue194 Yds16 Handicap

White174 Yds16 Handicap

Yellow146 Yds16Handicap

Red139 Yds16 Handicap

Playing downhill to this par 3, players must be aware of the yardage and wind direction to help determine proper club selection.

The hole typically plays one club less but wind direction can change that theory. Shots to the left side of the green will funnel down to the right center of the green.

Hole 7 Par 5


Black587 Yds2 Handicap

Blue540 Yds2 Handicap

White526 Yds2 Handicap

Yellow442 Yds2Handicap

Red436 Yds2Handicap

A pond sits conveniently on the left side of this long par 5. Don’t be discouraged, for most golfers the pond is out of reach from the tee.

Proper positioning of the second sot to the middle or left side will give the best angle to the green and flag. Shots that end up just right of the green tend to bounce left and typically end up on the green.

Hole 8 Par 3


Black212 Yds18 Handicap

Blue190 Yds18 Handicap

White160 Yds18 Handicap

Yellow119 Yds18Handicap

Red119 Yds18 Handicap

This straightforward downhill par 3 has no surprises. The hole will play a ½ club to 1 club less than the yardage.

The green does have collection area on the front right side of the green and a back tier. Middle of the green is the best play.

Hole 9 Par 5

Black456 Yds8 Handicap

Blue452 Yds8 Handicap

White447 Yds8 Handicap

Yellow412 Yds8Handicap

Red316 Yds8 Handicap

After the tee shot a very important risk reward decision has to be made. Lay up or go for it. The safe play is to lay up and hit a long iron to the uphill green. Choose the other option and the reward is a short iron. Make no mistake both shots are difficult as the green sits almost 100 feet above you.

It is a larger green with some slope to it. If possible stay below the hole. This is a love it or hate it hole. Don’t be afraid to let the golf shop know what you think.

Hole 10 Par 4


Black371 Yds7 Handicap

Blue350 Yds7 Handicap

White328 Yds7 Handicap

Yellow264 Yds7 Handicap

Red256 Yds7 Handicap

A short dogleg that requires a shot to the center or right center of the fairway that will give a clear wedge shot to the green.

It is very important to stay below the hole when hitting the approach shot to the small two tiered green.

Hole 11 Par 4


Black389 Yds9 Handicap

Blue366 Yds9 Handicap

White344 Yds9 Handicap

Yellow267 Yds9 Handicap

Red181 Yds9 Handicap

A good drive will carry the marsh easily and will yield an easy approach shot to the elevated green.

Stay away from the trees on the right side with the tee shot. Stay below the hole for a legitimate shot a birdie.

Hole 12 Par 4


Black410 Yds11 Handicap

Blue390 Yds11 Handicap

White375 Yds11 Handicap

Yellow291 Yds11 Handicap

Red287 Yds11 Handicap

A straight away par 4 with a fairly wide open fairway doesn’t give much of a challenge.

But be aware of the approach shot as anything over and on the left side of the green will put the ball in an unplayable position.

Hole 13 Par 4


Black375 Yds5 Handicap

Blue351 Yds5 Handicap

White341 Yds5 Handicap

Yellow283 Yds5 Handicap

Red279 Yds5 Handicap

One of the neatest holes on the course. Requires a good tee shot in the fairway for a clear shot to the green.

The two trees in the right rough give the hole definition and may trick you to stay left. Don’t be afraid, odds are you still may have a shot to the green. The green is fairly flat but don’t forget about the small rock creek that crosses in front of the green.

Hole 14 Par 5


Black471 Yds15 Handicap

Blue458 Yds15 Handicap

White452 Yds15 Handicap

Yellow402 Yds15 Handicap

Red386 Yds15 Handicap

The long hitter can reach this par 5 with a tee shot over or around the tree that stands alone at the corner of this slight dogleg.

The second shot is blind that has a long bunker near the green on the right side. Pin placement is the key here. The green has a severe ridge that divides the green in half. Any chance at birdie will depend on hitting the approach shot on the proper tier.

Hole 15 Par 3


Black179 Yds13 Handicap

Blue170 Yds13 Handicap

White161 Yds13 Handicap

Yellow152 Yds13 Handicap

Red76 Yds13 Handicap

If you miss the green on this downhill difficult par 3 chances are you will make bogey or worse. To the right of the green is a hazard and on the left is a deep swale that borders out of bounds.

Miss the green just by a little on each side and ball will be deflected towards trouble. The key is club selection and to play to the front part of the green regardless of pin placement. This will give you the best chance for par.

Hole 16 Par 4


Black431 Yds3 Handicap

Blue417 Yds3 Handicap

White370 Yds3 Handicap

Yellow364 Yds3 Handicap

Red322 Yds3 Handicap

Things open up on this hole slightly with trees lining the left side. The longer the tee shot the better chance at hitting it close on the approach shot. Stay away from the left side as out of bound is only a few yards from the green.

Knowing the pin location is important as it is one of the larger greens with a back tier.

Hole 17 Par 3


Black167 Yds17 Handicap

Blue149 Yds17 Handicap

White123 Yds17 Handicap

Yellow105 Yds17 Handicap

Red95 Yds17 Handicap

One of the few bunkers on the course protects the right side of the green on this short par 3. The left side and over the green will leave a difficult recovery shot if not a penalty.

The green is a bit deceiving when it comes to speed. It may look like an uphill putt but actually is fairly level if not slightly downhill in some spots.

Hole 18 Par 4

Black365 Yds1 Handicap

Blue363 Yds1 Handicap

White346 Yds1 Handicap

Yellow288 Yds1 Handicap

Red284 Yds1 Handicap

Decision making is not over yet on this exciting finishing hole. If you choose to use a driver you may be forced to hit a short approach shot on a down hill lie to a smaller than average green, or you could lay up your tee shot and have a full wedge off of a flat elevated lie. Just remember if you go long there is little room for error.

Hole 19 Par 3


Back Tee200 Yards

Call it a game at 18 – or – for those seeking an additional challenge, try our newly created 19th hole. Settle a bet, break a tie or decide who buys the next round. A 160 yard drive will carry the marsh and set you up for a short uphill shot to the green. Beware of the ball eating bunker on the left side of the green. Par this hole in 3 and you will have earned yourself some bragging rights.